Are you looking for an alternative to traditional high school and an opportunity to attend college? 大学入门奖学金可能是你的一个选择. The 通往大学的大门 program at 十大彩票平台 helps students who have experienced challenges in traditional high school for various reasons. 如果你必须在毕业前离开学校, 正在上公立学校, 自主学习, 或者是公立学校以外的学校, 或者出于某种原因,“大学入门”项目是另一种选择!

通过通往大学的门户奖学金, students can complete their high school graduation requirements at our college-based program while earning college credits. 学生可以同时获得高中文凭和大学学分. Some also continue to finish certificate programs and associate degrees and transfer to four-year colleges.

通往大学的大门 is a scholarship opportunity offered by the Springfield Public Schools. 奖学金包括学费、书本费和杂费. 此外,学生们有一个学术顾问致力于他们的成功. 学术顾问指导学生完成大学经历, 帮助他们应对学术挑战, 教授组织和时间管理技巧, and provides referrals for college and community resources to increase student success.


  • 和教授一起体验大学课程
  • 积累可转换的大学学分以获得学位或证书课程
  • 获得校内资源(辅导), 图书馆, 计算机实验室, 学生社团和活动, 健身中心)
  • 人数较少的学校提供个性化的支持
  • 学生每学期选修的课程比高中少
  • 奖学金支付学费、书费和杂费



  • 有下列情形之一的16岁至20岁的高中生:
    • 学生s who experience challenges with the traditional high school setting for various reasons
    • 在高中落后的学生
    • 在获得毕业证书之前就离开高中的学生
    • 学生s who attend a school other than public school for various reasons, including 自主学习ing
  • 学生的阅读成绩必须达到8分th 等级或以上
  • 学生必须住在马萨诸塞州的十大彩票平台 
  • Click the link below and watch the information session to learn more about the expectations and benefits of the 通往大学的大门 program
  • 回答问卷,然后进入下一步完成申请


我们正在接受2023年秋季II和2024年春季学期的申请. Interested students must attend an information session to start the application process. 申请时须采取以下步骤:

  1. Watch the information session to learn more about the expectations and benefits of the 通往大学的大门 program
  2. 回答问卷,然后进入下一步完成申请

在另行通知之前,现场信息发布会将被取消. 学生s interested in applying to 通往大学的大门 are encouraged to watch our pre-recorded information session and answer a brief questionnaire, 这是应用的第一步. 请点击下面的链接.


应用程序很长. 这需要个人投入时间和精力. 申请人必须包括所有要求的信息,包括 三篇正式论文. This information and the quality of the response provide additional insights for the selection committee.

要完成 大学申请之路 你需要

  • 三篇正式论文. Essay files can be uploaded with your application or typed directly into the application.
    • 论文1: (at least 300 words) Why are you interested in joining the 通往大学的大门 Program at 十大彩票平台技术社区学院? 这个项目将如何帮助你达到你的目标? 评选委员会为什么要选你?
    • 论文2: (at least 300 words) Perseverance is the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult or simply not giving up. 请告诉我们毅力对你来说意味着什么. 告诉我们一个你在生活中表现出毅力的例子. 你从这次经历中学到了什么?
    • 作文3: (at least 300 words) Tell us about personal problems or challenges from the past that have interfered with your education and what steps you have taken to overcome them. (问题或挑战的例子可能包括态度, 行为, 动机, 技能, 支持, 需要被接受, 文化障碍, 等.)
  • 家长/监护人的联系信息和电子邮件地址, 高中辅导员或指导部门, 你希望有人为你提供推荐.

Eligible students who have attended an information session and applied will be scheduled to take the college placement test.

  • The college placement test takes about 2 hours and will assess reading, writing, and math 技能.
  • 学生将需要带照片的身份证和社会安全号码.

This test evaluates your readiness for the program and places you in the appropriate classes if accepted. 请访问了解更多关于大学分班考试和如何准备它.

在您提交了完整的申请后, 您的信息将被发送到学区进行审核. The school district must approve each student to continue to the next step in the application process.

如果你有资格申请盖特威奖学金, 你将被安排一个面试. 你的面试将由Gateway的工作人员进行. 这有助于我们更多地了解你,你的优势和动机. 你也将有机会就这个项目提出问题. 面试时间一般在30-60分钟左右.

The final step to be officially accepted for the program is to complete Gateway Prep (a three-day college prep session) and receive final approval from the school district. 评选委员会将通知申请人有关最终决定.

《通往大学的大门》里的琳达·费尔南德斯在我的大学门户家庭的帮助下, 我能够从早期的大学课程中完成高中学业. Their never-ending 支持 and determination made it a little easier for me to get up every morning and never give up. 我高中毕业时的平均成绩是3分.现在我很感激地说,我是第一代大学生! 琳达·费尔南德斯 2018年大学毕业生入门


We recognize the hard work and achievements of our graduates with video presentations from our commencement speakers, 毕业学生奖得主名单, 毕业生档案, 以及教职员工的鼓励留言 2024门户大学毕业典礼页面.



大学之门不歧视残疾学生. We request that students with an IEP or 504 plan submit copies of the plan with their application so that we may refer them to the 十大彩票平台 Office of Disabilities. 与他们的家人、医生或其他从业人员一起, students should consider whether the services and accommodations available on a college campus will best serve their needs.



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